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Hello! I can't login to my Workday. I changed usernames because I was using my personal account for it. When I changed into my BYUH Email, it's not appearing to my Outlook, and it doesn't want me to login via Student Center. What can I do?

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Asked by Abish Tarrobago on Wed 1/9/19 1:21 AM
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Kimber BrothersWed 1/23/19 7:26 PM

Hi Abish, 

Could you send more detail about what usernames you were using and are trying to switch to now?  Are you able to login to the MyBYUH student portal, email, Canvas, or other applications?  Is it strictly a Workday access issue?  Were you able to login to Workday prior to changing the username you are entering?  Have you changed your phone/device you use since your last successful login?  

Thanks for supplying any additional details you can.

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