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TVA Wi-Fi Improvement Pilot Project
We are delighted to share that TVA Buildings G & Z have been designated to participate in a Wi-Fi Improvement Pilot Project.
Each unit will be issued a small Wi-Fi router that will provide their apartment with its own Wi-Fi signal.
Some benefits of this model:
• Each apartment will experience more stable and improved network connectivity
• Replaces the need for tenants to buy their own router
• There is no cost for the use of the device for TVA residents
• Each apartment will be able to create their own unique Wi-Fi Name and Password to connect their smart devices (TV, computer, printer, tablets, etc) to.
Wi-Fi pilot project dates:
• Jan 26-Feb 1 - participants will complete a pre-pilot survey to help us understand the quality of your current network connectivity.
• Feb 1 – Pickup your Wi-Fi device at either of two convenient locations setup outside the Housing Office and G-building from 3-6p.
o Please bring your Student ID Card to verify your identity
o A tutorial video link will be provided to assist you with the setup
• Feb 15-17 a follow-up survey will be sent out to measure the results of this pilot. Your responses are critical to BYUH as we work to improve your network experience.
o All post-pilot surveys completed by Feb 17 will be put in a drawing for an Apple HomePod mini and other fun prizes
Other Details:
• A personal wireless device (cell phone or tablet) is needed to setup the Wi-Fi unit. If you do not have a device to download the app, you can request assistance from the Housing office to set up your device in order to participate.
• If this pilot is successful, this will become the permanent solution for TVA Wi-Fi.
• Should you decide to NOT participate in this pilot, please be advised that you will not have any campus Wi-Fi in your apartment Feb 1-14.
• During the pilot program, BYUH Secure Wi-Fi will be disabled in buildings G & Z only.
o Any personal Wi-Fi routers must be disabled to prevent conflict with the device functionality that might create false results for the pilot.
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