Housing Off Campus


We are excited you have chosen to study with us!

We offer 2 housing options during your stay here at BYU-Hawaii: on-campus and off-campus.

Off-campus Housing

Options for off-campus housing are posted on our Off-campus Housing web page. If you log in today, you may find that there are not many houses available. This is because landlords are still making arrangements with their current tenants for the upcoming Summer Break and the Fall 2016 Semester. A word of advice: when an apartment does become available, do not wait too long to contact the landlord, as they too fill up rather quickly.


There are 3 main options for living off-campus:

1.      BYUH contracted housing: Listings are found on our off-campus housing website.

2.      Non-contracted housing: “BYUH Off-Campus Housing (Unofficial)” Facebook Group is a good resource.

3.      Staying with Relatives: Relatives include parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, who you will be living with, rent free.

Finding off-campus housing may take some time so please keep in mind that listings will go up when they become available and come down as units are taken. It will continue like this throughout the Summer Break. If you don’t see many options at any particular time, keep looking. When something does come up, do not hesitate to sign a contract, if it is something you’re interested in, as they are filled quickly.


Our students typically live in the town of Laie and our neighboring towns of Kahuku and Hau’ula. These three communities have large LDS populations and are centrally connected through BYU-Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center and the LDS Hawaii Temple. For more detailed information about the Laie, Kahuku and Hau’ula communities, please click here.


Report my off-campus address

All students living off-campus must report their off-campus address by logging into the Housing Portal → Single Student → New Resident → Report my off-campus address. You will need to upload your proof of address which would be a signed rental contract from your landlord or a letter from a relative. Here is a sample letter. Please be sure to have this submitted as soon as possible, as two weeks after the first day of class, holds will be placed on students accounts who have not yet submitted their off-campus address. Reporting your off-campus address immediately after signing a contract will help avoid these holds, as you would have your landlord’s details and documents ready to upload. It also helps us so we know that you are ok and have your housing for Fall.


Because Hawaii is a small tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, options for housing is limited. Housing is just one of those challenges we all face, students and locals alike, when we choose to live in Hawaii. Although difficult, those who are able to find their off-campus housing, do not regret their choice to study here at BYU-Hawaii, as it is a life changing experience. We’d like to support you in your search in any way we can, and are available if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to let us know.



On-Campus Housing 


Our On-campus Housing is booked for Fall 2016, but you will be able to put your name on our waitlist if you choose to do so. Please see “Keep me on the waitlist” below.


If you already have a room booked for on-campus housing, charges for the room and meals will show up on your student account about 2 weeks prior to the first day of class. All university payments, which include housing and tuition, are due August 15th, 2016.


International Student Check-in Dates:

Thursday July 21th - Monday, July 25th



Domestic Student Check-in Dates:

Monday, July 25th 9am-6pm

Tuesday, July 26th 9am-6pm

Wednesday, July 27th 9am-12pm


You may check-in by reporting directly to the RA Office of your assigned Hale. If you will be arriving outside of these check in times, please report to the BYUH Security Office. They will contact your RA to check you in.


To watch videos of on-campus housing please click here

These are the on-call cell phone numbers for our on-campus housing. You may reach our RA staff at any time and after hours by calling these numbers. Please   



On Call #

Hale 1


Hale 2


Hale 3


Hale 5


Hale 7


Hale 8


Hale 9


Hale 10




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