3 Easy Steps for Setting up a Dropbox Business Account

3 Easy Steps for setting up a Dropbox Business account on your computer, and sharing files & folders


 Tip: If you are using a Department Email for your Dropbox account, use the Department name for your Dropbox account.
        Example, for English Department, enter English for First Name, and Department for the Last Name.

  1. Install the Dropbox app on your Computer.  (If you are using a shared Department Account, install on each user’s computer.)

    After logging into Dropbox.com (if not already logged in), use the dropdown menu next to your name on the upper right-hand side, and select “Install”.
 You will be taken to a page to download and install the Dropbox application on your computer.

  1. After Dropbox is installed on your computer, a new Dropbox folder is created.  A shortcut to the folder will be on your desktop.
You will also find a new Dropbox icon on your Windows Taskbar.            
After clicking on it, you’ll see icons that will take you to your local
Dropbox folder, Dropbox.com, and your Dropbox Preferences.

Any folders or files added to your Dropbox folder can be securely shared with others.
For details on sharing files with others visit https://www.dropbox.com/help/19?path=sharing_files_and_folders

To ADD folders that others have shared with you, do the following.
1. After logging into your Dropbox.com account, click on the Sharing link in the menubar.
    You will see a list of shared folders that you can ADD to your Dropbox.
2. Click the ADD button for each folder you with to add.  After doing so, those folders and files will sync to your computer.
CAUTION: Removing or Deleting shared files and folders from your Dropbox folder, deletes them from everyone they are shared with.
     The most common error is when someone drags a file or folder from their Dropbox folder to a non-Dropbox folder on their computer.


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