Who should I contact if I have a medical emergency?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Wed 6/15/16 11:14 AM Last edited Wed 6/15/16 11:37 AM
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Christopher Alonzo Wed 12/19/18 9:39 AM


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Inservice Vai Wed 6/15/16 11:15 AM

Emergency care is available at Kahuku Medical Center if the BYU-H Health Center is closed.  Kahuku Medical Center is located five minutes away from Laie by vehicle.

  • The Health Center and other departments on campus are not staffed to provide transportation for patients. If personal transportation is not available, please check with friends or family or utilize your Ward organizations on campus such as visiting teachers, home teachers, Elder's Quorum and Relief Society leaders, or someone in your Bishopric. For those that live on campus, you may also ask your resident assistants or coordinators to help you find transportation.

After-hour TELEPHONE urgent medical advice from licensed medical personnel is available by calling the BYU–Hawaii Security office at (808) 675-3911. 

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