What is the I-WORK Loan?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/23/16 10:15 AM
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Inservice Vai Thu 6/23/16 10:15 AM

The remaining 50% of the I-WORK award is considered to be a student loan given to the student by the University. BYUH will forgive up to 100% of the loan if the student returns home to live & work in their “target area.” Forgiven loans will never have to be repaid.

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Call Center Help Desk Tue 12/15/20 9:22 AM

Requirements for IWORK Loan Deferment


  • Each year, former students on IWORK can defer (put loan payments on hold for a temporary period of time) their IWORK loan portion as long as they are attending full-time as an approved graduate school, going on a mission, or other reasons. You must submit documentation in order to defer your IWORK loan portion for this year.
  • The deferment must be approved through the IWORK Exceptions Committee in order to defer the IWORK loan.
  • Students on IWORK MUST return home in order for their IWORK loan to be forgiven. if they do not plan to return, they can also repay their loan according to the repayment terms and conditions stated on the IWORK Master Promissory Note.
  • Those going on missions must return to BYU–Hawaii the semester after returning from their mission.
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