What is a returned check policy?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/23/16 10:42 AM
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Answer (1)

Call Center Help Desk Mon 12/14/20 4:51 PM

There are multiple penalties that may occur if a check is dishonored.



  • There is a $20 handling fee for dishonored checks.
  • Students with dishonored checks for tuition will be subject to having their registration canceled and a holding place on their records.
  • In addition to the $20 fee, a $50 late registration fee will be included for tuition payment after the tuition deadline.
  • Debt notices will be sent to all parties submitting dishonored checks. A dishonored check must be clear within 14 calendar days by bringing in the notice, the amount of the debt due and the $20 handling fee to the Cashiers Window in Financial Services.
  • There will be a 1-year block on the personal account.
  • If a check is dishonored a second time, the subject will be unable to cash future checks at the Cashiers Office.
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