As a transfer student, what General Education Courses should I register for?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/30/16 11:22 AM
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Requirements for General Education for Students transferring with an Associate's Degree


Associate’s degrees (AAS, AGS, AS, AA, ALS*) from accredited colleges and Universities will be accepted to complete GE requirements, with the additional course work of: Advanced Writing (ENG 315, etc.), World Communities (GE 300), and 4 Religion courses (200, 225, 250, and 275).


For any student transferring in credit without an Associate's Degree listed above*, credits will be reviewed course by course to grant equivalencies or substitutions. Total credits transferred will also be considered.


Before Fall 2015:


If you have an Associate's Degree from a school with a Transfer Agreement then the one General Education class that you will need to take is an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) course.  You are ready to focus on planning your major classes within your six semesters in residence.  To help you get started we have sample Major Academic Plans (MAPs) that you can see at curriculum requirements


If you have an Associate's degree from a school without a Transfer Agreement then you will need to complete an Advanced Writing (English 315) and an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) course.  However, those coming from Hawaii Community Colleges have additional requirements.  When you arrive you can plan to meet with your Academic Advisor.  Once your transcripts arrive and you give her copies of course descriptions and syllabi, she will evaluate your transcript and make a proposal to the General Education Committee of the remaining courses you need to complete.


If you are transferring without an Associate's Degree then you will also need to have your transfer credits evaluated before you can have a final count of your semesters in residence.  You can get a general sense of the semesters you will have in residence here. You can see BYU-Hawaii's General Education requirements here.  You can plan to register for classes that you clearly know that you have not taken.

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