What courses will be accepted as transfer credits?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/30/16 11:25 AM
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Inservice Vai Thu 6/30/16 11:25 AM

Application of transfer credit will be determined on a course by course equivalency basis. Transfer courses with a C- grade or better will be accepted by BYU-Hawaii as general education credit, major credit or elective credit. Credit for courses of a remedial nature (usually numbered 99 and below) will not be transferable. BYU-Hawaii does not transfer Grade Point Averages (GPA) when transferring credits from other institutions.

A person transferring to BYU Hawaii with an associate degree will generally take additional hours to fulfill the general education requirement for a bachelor's degree. Such a student should meet with the Academic Advisor over his/her major. The Academic Advisor then does an evaluation of the student's transcript and makes a proposal to the General Education Committee of the remaining courses that the student has to complete.

If transfering prior to Fall 2015, with an Associate Degree from schools with a Transfer Agreement, credits will transfer to BYU-Hawaii having satisfied all of their General Education requirements with the exception of an Interdisciplinary Studies course. Those transferring with an Associate degree from schools without a Transfer Agreement will need to complete an Advanced Writing and an Interdisciplinary Studies course. However, Hawaii Community Colleges have additional requirements.


Students will be notified in writing of the general education requirements remaining to be completed. The student's major department/school evaluates courses for the major requirements.

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