I don't know my ID number. How can i find it?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/30/16 12:02 PM
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Inservice Vai Thu 6/30/16 12:03 PM

The BYU-Hawaii Housing Office requires their University ID number for ANY type of question/processing, including Self Assign. This is a 7-digit number. Students who do not have or cannot remember their ID number can access their ID number via my.byuh.edu. Here is the way to find your ID number.
1.Go to my.byuh.edu
2.Log in using your CES net ID and password
3.Click on Student tab(top tab)
4.Click on Student Center(center content)
5.Scroll down to Personal Information(center content)
6.Click on Demographic data located under personal information(center content)
**the id number is labeled as "ID" and is the first item on the page. An alternative to this is to find a letter from BYU-Hawaii that is addressed to the student and you can find the ID number on the letter. The Housing office does not give out ANY id numbers.**

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