How much is meal plan?

Refer to Food Services information regarding Meal Plans

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/30/16 12:14 PM Last edited Fri 7/23/21 10:18 AM
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Answer (1)

Call Center Help Desk Mon 12/14/20 4:02 PM

Fall 2020 and Winter 2020-2021


NEW, BRONZE MEAL PLAN (Can't be booked by students living in Hale 2,7,8,9)

Eat unlimited during the following predefined day choices:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Tuesday and Thursday



Gold = $2189 Silver = $1924 Bronze M-W-F = $1180 Bronze T-TH = $950
UNLIMITED entry Monday-Sunday UNLIMITED entry Monday–Friday UNLIMITED entry Monday, Wednesday, Friday UNLIMITED entry Tuesday, Thursday
$175 flex dollars included $350 flex dollars included $400 flex dollars included $250 flex dollars included
4 guest meals included 2 guest meals included No guest meals No guest meals
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