What is leave semester?

Asked by Inservice Vai on Thu 6/30/16 4:27 PM
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Continuing students who wish to take a semester off but not discontinue may apply for a Annual Leave Semester. Those who will be leaving for more than a semester should normally discontinue and reapply. The exception to this will be those who will be leaving to serve a mission. They may indicate their release date and be granted a Leave of Absence that will allow them to return the semester after their mission is completed.

Students on an Leave Semester may not live in on-campus housing or have health benefits from BYU-Hawaii.

Those who will be gone for just one semester will not need to reapply to take classes the semester following the Leave, but instead will be term activated so they can register themselves and they will be expected to enroll in classes on campus when they return. International students who are in the U.S. on a visa can only have Leave status if they have just completed the two semesters prior to the leave in-residence.  If they return to their home country during the Leave Semester they cannot be out of the United States for more than 5 months without renewing their visa.

Those who do stay in the U.S. may not live on campus and they must have proof of insurance that covers them when they are not on-campus at BYU-Hawaii in order to be in the U.S. legally. Be aware that international students who are away from campus for a semester may not work in the U.S.  except on campus (BYUH or PCC) without being in an academic work program such as a University-approved internship. (The number of Leave semesters will be limited.)

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You can refer to Student leave of absence

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