How and when are employees paid? How do you set up direct deposit?

Asked by Ryan Garcia on Wed 10/5/16 9:35 AM Last edited Wed 10/5/16 9:36 AM
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Ryan Garcia Wed 10/5/16 9:36 AM Last edited Mon 12/14/20 8:50 AM

Hourly employees (non-exempt) are paid one week after the end of the pay period (every other Friday). Salary employees are paid on the 5th and 20th each month.

  Direct Deposit to your preferred bank account is the most convenient way to receive payment.  

  • Set up direct deposit:Workday > Pay > Payment Elections 

  • View pay details:Workday > Pay > Payslips 

  Paper checks are also available, but they must be picked up from the cashier’s window in the Lorenzo Snow Building.

For more information, you can visit the link provided below.

Workday Center

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