How can I join associations/clubs/chapters

WorldFest is held at the start of each semester. It is a two day event where all the associations that will be provided for the semester or longer than a semester, are placed around the Aloha Centre at their own individual stand. Students can go and talk to the student representatives about what there association is and will include for the seemster. An association will include at least one service, a career workshop and gospel forums throughout the semester. To join an association or multiple it will normally cost $3. It can range up to $10, however, that is rare and the majority cost $3. Being part of the club will involve free activities that the presidency of that club will organize. Event such as: food, games, events off campus, hikes, beach, services, gospel forums, celebrations, etc. There are various clubs which are cultural such as: Samoan, Japanese, etc. (you don't have to be that nationality to join) and other clubs such as cooking cluc, cat club, Huma rights club, etc. Anyone can form a comittee/presidency and create their own club with the persmission granted by Student Leadership Activities Association within the Aloha Centre. All clubs are open for any student to join. If you are not a member, you can still attend their club events, such as gospel forums and others dependant on the presidency's invite. 

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Asked by Lucy Jane Gorniak on Mon 10/9/17 1:32 PM Last edited Mon 10/16/17 1:36 PM
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