What are the Keys for Housing-Student ID

Students are given a keycard to enter their hales and TVAS. Single and married housing. They are not to be shared. Each individiual student will have their own card. It will have a photo and the student's ID number. If the card is lost, another can be brought for $5 at the Aloha Centre Front Desk. To get a keycard go to the Aloha Front desk. It will need to be renewed each year for free at the housing office/RA of your Hale or TVA. They give you access to student events, discounts for local movies at Palm theatres and student discounts off campus. You will be able to get into your housing's laundry room with your key card. 

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Asked by Lucy Jane Gorniak on Mon 10/9/17 2:16 PM Last edited Mon 10/16/17 1:37 PM
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