How can I buy textbooks?

Students are required to pay for their own textbooks. Professors and teachers will let students know what textbooks they are required to buy once the semester starts. Not all classes require textbooks, it will depend on the class and the professor. Students can buy school books at the Bookstore (In the Aloha Centre). from Amazon or other online webistes, from other students on the Facebook page Buy/sell textbooks @ BYU-Hawaii, Give and Take, or to just use them for free at the school library. Students can resell their text books back to the Bookstore at certain times in the year, the returned price will be determined by the bookstore (it usually is not as high as the book is bought for). The library holds many textbooks but some are not available. Even I-work students are required to pay for textbooks. Textbooks can be expensive so it is important to look at various ways of attaining various textbooks for each semester, as sometimes it is not essential to buy your own copy. 

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Asked by Lucy Jane Gorniak on Wed 10/11/17 4:18 PM Last edited Fri 12/20/19 10:03 AM
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Call Center Help Desk Fri 12/20/19 10:00 AM

Students can buy their textbooks at the bookstore in (Aloha Center) or they can buy them online from Amazon and other online websites. Students can resell their textbooks online at Sell and Buy on FB page or return them to bookstore to resell them. The bookstore will determine the selling price than the original price (it will be lower price than original price).

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