Are students required to dress as the honor code stated at either the Gym or the Fitness center?

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Dress and Grooming Honor Code


The attire and grooming of both men and women must always be modest, neat, clean, consistent with the dignity adherent to representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

Grooming Standards: Hairstyles should be clean and neat, avoiding extremes in styles and colors. Hair should not be colored or streak with pastels or done in a way to bring undue attention to self. Body Piercing and tattoos are not appropriate. Previous tattoos must be covered at all times and no new tattoos should be obtained. Footwear must be worn in all public places.

Men should have hair trimmed above the collar and above the ears. Sideburns should not extend below the earlobe or onto the cheek. Men are expected to be clean-shaven; beards are not acceptable. If worn, mustaches should be neatly trimmed and not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth. Earrings are not acceptable for men.

Women should not have multiple ear piercings.

Dress Standards: Students should be dressed in standard and be adequately covered for athletic activities or exercise locations. Clothing, including swimming suits, must be modest in fabric, fit, and style (no bikini, or French-cut styles, no midriff showing). Modest shorts above the knees, sweats and gym clothing are worn only in athletic and living areas. Appropriate dress for athletic participation includes modest t-shirts so that the midriff and back are covered. Tank Tops worn should be modest so that underclothing or sports bras are not exposed under the arms. Appropriate footwear should always be worn.

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