I have a complaint against a BYUH full-time employer/employee for ethical or fraudelent reasons, and feel like reporting to the OCIAS is compromised, and I wish to remain anonymous?

Asked by Call Center Help Desk on Mon 12/30/19 8:44 AM Last edited Thu 4/27/23 3:19 PM
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Call Center Help Desk Mon 12/30/19 8:50 AM Last edited Fri 8/14/20 2:32 PM

Anonymous or named reports can be made through EthicsPoint, a compliance hotline managed by a third-party service provider. Upon receipt of a report, EthicsPoint forwards the information to the Office of the General Counsel and OCIAS to determine an appropriate response.

The EthicsPoint hotline can be reached at 888-238-1062 or on-line at https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_company.asp.

More can be found on https://byuh.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1902/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=59507


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