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How do I watch TV while on-campus?

BYU-Hawaii no longer provides campus distributed TV programming. Using your computer or other mobile device, you may watch TV programs and/or movies through one of the many streaming services available to the public. Below is a partial list.

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Are the residences of the community allowed to use the fitness center?

Yes, as long as they come to the center with valid IDs; Driver licenses, Student IDs and so forth. Thank you!
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Are the residences allowed to enter into the school for the devotionals?

Yes, they are welcome to visit the school for devotionals on every Tuesday from 11:00am-12:00pm. However, during the summer break and winter break there are no devotionals at the campus.
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Who should I talk to, if I see someone dresses inappropriately?

When you see someone's dresse does not follow with the honor code, you need to inform the Intramural's office for the seasider sports. Thank you very much!
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Does the swimming pool rent the pool to groups of people who are not students for parties?

No, the swimming pool is only for students or the residences in the community not for parties.
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how much does it cost for private party at the the HUB (game room)

Private party - 100 dollars per hour.
Hours of Operation
Monday: 1:30pm - 11pm | Tuesday - Thursday: 6pm - 11pm | Friday: 1:30pm - 12am | Saturday: 1:30pm - 11pm
For information: (808)675-3549, https://www.facebook.com...
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Are the community residences allowed to use the gym?

Yes, but they need to receive the permissions from the intramural's office in order to use the gym.
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Is there a movie theater in Laie?

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