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Request access to Peoplesoft Student Admin

Before submitting a request here, please go to https://accounts.byuh.edu/Account/Management to reset your password. Remember, your BYUHID is your username/login while your StudentID is your 7-digit Student number.

Request access to HR Workday

Use this option to report a problem or request help with connecting to the network.

Request access to view student plan and path to graduation using Stellic

Request help with office IT equipment including phones, printers, computers, TVs, etc. or software.

Use this option to report problems with your IP Phone.

Request access to Workday Financials (Department Budget, Purchasing & Travel)

Use this option to request help with email issues such as:
-Problems sending or receiving messages
-Unable to delete messages

You may also call the HelpDesk at (808)675-3921 for assistance.

Use this option if:
-you have an active connection to the network either wireless or wired
-other websites are loading successfully (try http://www.google.com)
-you have tried Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox (all with Language set to: English)
AND you are still having trouble with web pages on the BYUH website

Problem with myBYUH:
If it is a problem with the portal, AND you have logged into myBYUH before, log into:
http://hrprod.byuh.edu or
http://fprod.byuh.edu for financials, travel authorizations, etc.

If that does not work, there are more widespread problems and EIS should be contacted immediately.

Use this option to report a problem with your office printer if you are located in one the following location - Aloha Center, CAF, MCK, MFB

- Office printer issue - NON-Canon Printer
- Printer Errors
- Paperjams
- Toner installations
- New Printer Installations

Tell us how we are doing

Use this option to request space on myDrive