My Recently Visited Services

Use this option if:
-you have an active connection to the network either wireless or wired
-other websites are loading successfully (try
-you have tried Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox (all with Language set to: English)
AND you are still having trouble with web pages on the BYUH website

Before submitting a request here, please go to to reset your password. Remember, your BYUHID is your username/login while your StudentID is your 7-digit Student number.

Problem with myBYUH:
If it is a problem with the portal, AND you have logged into myBYUH before, log into: or for financials, travel authorizations, etc.

If that does not work, there are more widespread problems and EIS should be contacted immediately.

Request access to PeopleSoft Financials (Department Budget, Purchasing & Travel)

Use this option to request space on myDrive

Use this option to report Y-Careers login problems

Requires approvals from HR, Financial, OIT

Use this option to report a problem with Enterprise Printer for CSR Wing Area
- Canon Printer Issues
- Area Affected: CST, FMO, FMS1, FMS2, GCB, UHO, HEB, MPC, SEB, SSC, STC, Old SCOB Bldg

Request access to Peoplesoft Student Admin

Use this option to request help with email issues such as:
-Problems sending or receiving messages
-Unable to delete messages

You may also call the HelpDesk at (808)675-3921 for assistance.