Please state why you need VPN access. Include what system(s) you'll be connecting to and what function(s) you'll be performing.
VPN access is approved for a specified period of a time. If an employee travels frequently throughout the year we may grant access for an entire year. However after the year, access is terminated and a renew/request will need to be submitted. Those who travel 1-2 times a year, will be given access only for the duration of their trips.
Approval Requirements:
VPN Requests require the approval and input from the manager, director, or VP. Please be sure they know this request is being made. They will receive an email notification for approval in their email. They must reply to the email with their approval.

If you are the department approver for this request, please understand that VPN access grants your employee the ability to work from off-campus as if they were sitting at their desks. The same information and resources will be available to them. This access comes with a risk that you should understand and consider before approving this request.

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