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Use this option if you are able to log in and you
-see your name or NetID as logged in
-are unable to see necessary views
-get and error message when you try to complete a task
-have tried other browsers with the same result

Before submitting a request here, please go to and attempt to reset your password. Remember, your BYUHID is your username/login while your StudentID is your 7-digit Student number.

Use this option to report a problem or request help with connecting to the network.

Requires approvals from HR, Financial, OIT

Use this option to report a problem with your office printer if you are located in one the following location Office Printer Problem - LSB, CAC, Old Gym, & HGB

- Office printer issue - NON-Canon Printer
- Printer Errors
- Paperjams
- Toner installations
- New Printer Installations

Use this option to request space on myDrive

Use this option to request help with email issues such as:
-Problems sending or receiving messages
-Unable to delete messages

You may also call the HelpDesk at (808)675-3921 for assistance.

Use this option to report problems with your IP Phone.

Use this if you are having trouble connecting to the BYUH-Secure wireless network.