Request Approval for IT Purchase

Use this form to request approval before purchasing any university equipment, contractors, professional services, or outsourcing that meets ANY of the following criteria:

  • That will connect to a BYU-Hawaii network (This includes but is not limited to: cloud-based subscriptions, computers, mobile devices, streaming devices, TVs, etc.)
  • Equipment that costs more than $300
  • Any printer (even less than $300)

For Software Purchase Request, please click this link to be redirected.

Your Technical Solutions Analyst (TSA) should be consulted as you prepare this request. This will speed up the process.

If approved, you will use your department credit card to cover the cost. Purchasing will verify with OIT that this request was completed. The university policy regarding this requirement can be found HERE.

Failure to submit this request prior to purchase may result in:

  • loss of PCard privileges
  • a request to return the item
  • zero support for the item purchased
  • request to reimburse university funds


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