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Before submitting a request here, please go to and attempt to reset your password. Remember, your BYUHID is your username/login while your StudentID is your 7-digit Student number.

Use this option to request department or additional space on Dropbox

Use this option to request help with email issues such as:
-Problems sending or receiving messages
-Unable to delete messages

You may also call the HelpDesk at (808)675-3921 for assistance.

Use this option to request help resetting your email password.

I've been able to log in before but now I :
-Can't login to myBYUH, email, Canvas, Peoplesoft, etc.
-Can login to some services, but not others.

Request help with office IT equipment

Use this option to report problems with your IP Phone.

Use this option if you are able to log in and you
-see your name or NetID as logged in
-are unable to see necessary views
-get and error message when you try to complete a task
-have tried other browsers with the same result