Using Zoom within Canvas

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Using Zoom in Canvas

Additional steps to setup your account integration with Zoom:

After logging in to

Click on your Account and select Settings

On the far right, verify that your default (starred email) is your firstname.lastname@byuh and also listed should be your

If it isn’t there,

Click +Email Address

Enter the missing email address and click Register Email. You will receive an email that you should confirm.

Verify after confirming the email, that the new email address shows up in Canvas and is the starred/default

**If you are an adjunct, special, or missionary instructor you should only see as your default email address. You don’t need to worry about adding an email address  


Add a Zoom meeting/class to your course:

Select one of your courses

Select Settings (at the bottom)

Click on the Navigation tab at the top

Scroll down to the bottom and select:

Select Zoom 

Drag it up to where you want it to appear in your Navigation column at the left.

Click on Zoom on the left (if you receive an error message log into select “Sign In”. Then come back to this point again.)

Now you can schedule a virtual class/meeting:


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