Zoom Recordings

Because the storage in Zoom is limited, recordings will be automatically deleted after 30 days and then purged from the system 30 days after deletion.


To recover a file, log into Zoom at https://byuh.zoom.us, select Recordings on the left then click on Trash on the far right. Your deleted files will be displayed with the options to either Recover or Delete. Selecting Delete will permanently purge the file.


A great option for keeping your files accessible, is to upload them to your Box account. Box is an online cloud-based file storage system available for your use. You may access it at https://byuh.box.com. Logging in with your BYUH credentials will create your account.


Once you upload your files to Box, you may create a link to them in your Canvas course. As a reminder, to comply with privacy laws, please do not re-use recordings that contain names and/or faces of students in your class.


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