DUO for Two-Factor Authentication

"The cloud and mobility have changed academic culture. Students, faculty and staff need access to data from anywhere at any time and from any device they choose. This deperimeterization coupled with decentralization of IT creates a new set of security challenges that educational institutions must meet.

It’s critical to protect access to applications and data. And more than 300 educational institutions trust Duo to provide seamless and secure access to the resources and applications they need to connect students and staff to information."

BYU-Hawaii protects our student and employee financial accounts using DUO. Duo verifies user identities with two-factor authentication and checks the security health of their devices before granting access to applications and intranet. This ensures only users and devices that are trusted can access protected data. This process prevents a hacker from using your username and password, at a remote device, and accessing your account in order to re-direct funds into the hacker's account.

When will I use DUO? Anytime you see the BYUH Login below, you will be directed to use DUO after you enter your credentials.

picture of BYUH login

Currently, the following applications are protected by DUO:



Student Center(Peoplesoft)


In the future, Office 365(Email) will also be protected.


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