NetID/Username and Password Recovery

New Account Recovery Setup

After creating your BYUH username/NetID in Account Manager, you will need to setup your Account Security and Recovery options before you can login into university resources.

  • go to
  • click on First Time User
  • enter your last name and Student/Employee ID number when prompted
  • complete at least 2 recovery options

  TIP: click on the EYE icon Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)when entering your password and answers to verify that you are typing them in correctly. Passwords and answers are case-sensitive. When logging into systems, you must enter the information exactly as they were originally entered during the setup.

Secure Login

BYUH Secure Login

Enter your username and password. Click on the eye icon if you have trouble, to verify your typing. 

Click on your username/NetID in the upper right corner

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Click on My Account

Security Questions and Email Recovery are required. We recommend at least one of the remaining options.

Security Questions

Setup your security questions

Email Recovery This can NOT be a BYUH email address

Email recovery setup


Phone Recovery

Phone recovery setup


Authenticator setup

Once you have submitted your completed selections, you are all set and ready when applications are added. You should test the process by closing all browser windows and returining to to login and verify your identity by using one of the methods you completed above.

Verification options

Check the box "Trust this device" after you select your verification option, to avoid future prompts for verification.

Trust this device

If you have any problems, please submit at ticket to request assistance.

**Phishing Prevention: Whenever you see a new login page you are not familiar with, you should be suspicious. Always check the URL or web address and make sure it is one you trust. In this case, the new login address directs you to a page on If you ever see anything other than or in the address of a BYUH login, do not continue.



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