Students - Print from your personal device

note: Always be careful when printing documents containing personal information. Select the printer carefully and collect your documents immediately.

Touchless Printing is now available! Students can now print from:

  • their phones and mobile devices with the Pharos Print app
  • from laptops using My Print Center at 

 Download and install the Pharos Print app




  • iOS device users can download the Pharos Print app from this link in the Apple app store
  • Android device users they can download the Pharos Print app from this link in the Google Play app store
  • Install the application - you MUST agree to allow the app to connect to your camera
  • Connect to the BYUH-Secure Network
  • Open the Pharos Print App and connect to server address: and server port: 443
  • Log in using your BYUH NetID credentials

Server information   Login fields 

At the printer:

  1. Walk up to a printer and scan the QR code on the printer and open the site indicated
  2. (If not already logged in), log in using your BYUH NetID and password  
  3. Upload the document you want to print
  4. Check the box to select the document you want to print
  5. Select any Print options if available
  6. Tap Print
  7. Confirm the charges
  8. Collect document from the printer

Pre-upload your documents

  1. Create your document and save it
  2. In a web browser, go to and log in
  3. Upload your document (it will be available to print for 1 hour)

From your computer using My Print Center

  1. You can print directly from your Print Center ( as well
  2. Select the document you've uploaded
  3. Select the printer in the lower right corner (type to begin a search)
  4. Select any print options
  5. Click the Print button
  6. Confirm the charges
  7. Collect document from the printer


You must be on campus and connected to BYUH-Secure to print

Mobile device requirements

Mobile devices must be running either Apple iOS 13.0 or later, or Android OS 6.0 or later. On both devices, you can submit documents to print by using the Open In and Share (iOS) and Open (Android) command.

What document formats are supported for upload?

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Text (CSV, RTF & TXT)
  • Images (JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP)
  • Open Office 4.0 or greater documents

How do I change printing options before releasing my print jobs?

Note: Pharos Print Center allows you to change some printing options of documents sent via MobilePrint (i.e. sent via email or uploaded on Print Center). You cannot change the document attributes of jobs sent via Popups or standard Pharos Queues.

You can change the following printing options:

  • Black & White to Color or vice versa
  • Single-sided to Double-sided or vice versa
  • Number of pages per side (1 pages or 2 pages per side)
  • Number of copies
  • Page range option

To change printing options:

  1. Select the job you wish to modify.
  2. Select the printer you want to print your job to.
  3. On the Print Options section, select the printing options you want to apply to your print jobs.
  4. Release your print jobs.

Note about changing print options:

Documents uploaded will default to black & white and double sided. If you sent a document in color and did not change the print option to “Print in Color” and/or “single-sided,” the documents will be printed in Black & White and double-sided.

How do I print multiple copies of my document?

  1. Select the job you wish to print.
  2. In the Print Options section, select the Copies button.
  3. Enter the number of copies in the textbox provided. Print Center will automatically re-calculate the cost of the jobs based on the number of copies selected.
  4. Proceed with printing and releasing your jobs.


  • Edit your finishing options before you print.
  • Preview your document(s) before you print.
  • Delete a print job from your Pharos secure print queue.
  • View all documents in your Pharos secure print queue.
  • View your Available Funds and job cost (when applicable).
  • Release jobs via Touchless QR Code Release. 


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