Student/Employee Bulletins

Many questions have been asked about people being added or dropped to/from the student and employee bulletin. First off there are special criteria to be considered when being placed on either of these bulletins.

For students:
The student must be an active student and given the "stu2" role. This means: Is currently listed as being an active student.  In order to be listed as active, you must first be accepted, then you need to be matriculated.  Matriculation is supposed to happen after you send a letter to the University claiming that you plan to attend.  After you have been away from the University for a full year, you are supposed to be "discontinued", and thus, no longer active.

For Employees:
The employee would be given the "emp8" role. This means: All active non-student employees.  All active employees that do not have the following Empl Class: STU, STI, STW, PSI, PSU, PSW.  This includes part time, full-time, admin, faculty, temps, missionaries, volunteers, etc

For Faculty:
The faculty would be given a "FAC2" or "INS2" role. This means: Current Faculty or Is listed as an instructor for a course being held during the current term.  If we are in between terms, IDs for instructors will be combined from both the previous and next term.

All of these would also require the end user to have a university email address. All of these roles are managed by peoplesoft/workday processes and cannot be removed by the email/systems administrator. If people request to be added, they will need to provide their email address and give that to university communications that can be added as a special group at their discretion. 


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