Reset your password with a token

Follow the instructions below if you have received a  token from the Helpdesk:

  • You'll receive an email from Account Management containing a link which will take you to a page
  • You can edit your Security Questions and set up your new password
  • Your new password which must meet the following requirements:
    • must be 10-15 characters in length

    • must contain UPPER and lower case letters

    • must contain at least 1 number

    • must NOT begin with a number

    • must NOT contain your username, first or last names

    • click Submit

Be sure that the next screen: "Reset Confirmed", states that all your passwords have been reset. Passwords NOT meeting the above criteria will cause a failure.


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Tue 3/14/17 11:23 AM
Fri 8/14/20 10:52 AM