DUO Multi Factored Authentication

DUO authentication is a required security step to protect your personal and financial information.

The instructions below are for BYUH employees or PCC student employees.

DUO works best when paired with a mobile device (cell phone or tablet).

However, if you have neither, please contact the Helpdesk (808)675-3211.

Be prepared to answer your security questions to verify your identity.

You may also bring your device to JFS148 and an agent will assist you.


Enter a Passcode

If you have previously completed the DUO process and are now using a new

computer, you should see the following window when trying to access a

protected site:

Any time you are prompted for a Passcode, remember:

You cannot enter a Passcode UNTIL you click on the “Enter a Passcode” button.

For ease of use, always select the option to “Remember me for 365 days”.

This way, you will not receive a DUO prompt unless your browser cache is cleared.

The links on the left provide various options for configuring your DUO experience:

Add a New Device

Every change will require that you confirm your identity by completing a successful authentication,

remember that you cannot enter a Passcode UNTIL you click on the “Enter a Passcode” button.

Click on Enter a Passcode” button, and you’ll be able to enter a passcode.

This requires that your DUO information contains a valid phone number that can receive SMS messages

or Text messages. If you have codes you have previously received, you may enter one now.

A hint is given that tells you to use the code that begins with a specific number.

You may also request new codes by clicking on the “Text me new codes” button.

If you don’t have a cell phone or tablet, call (808)675-3921 for assistance.

Installing DUO on an Android

When installing DUO Mobile on your device, you will be prompted for a QR

Code similar to the one shown below.

Once your phone app scans and accepts it, your device will be activated and you’ll

immediately advance to the website you are trying to access.

My Settings & Devices

My Settings & Devices will show you the following window prompting you to

select your authentication device. If you have registered more than 1 device,

you will see them listed here.

After selecting your device, enter the next valid code for that particular device. The message at the bottom gives you a hint as to what code you should use.

You may request to have new codes sent to your device via SMS. If your device does not have SMS capabilities, contact the Helpdesk at



For Android users:

Search for the DUO Mobile app in the Play store then select to install it.

During the install, the app will request to have access to the camera. This is required in order to scan a barcode and complete the setup process.

Call (808)675-3211 to request an Activation code be sent to your mobile device using email or text.

It will look something like this sample: https://m-bbc32cb6.duosecurity.com/activate/OIXCXwEvw3GIl4cLXEVg.

When you click on the link using your phone or tablet, DUO mobile will be automatically activated.

Tap the notification on your mobile device.

It will also send a code to the DUO mobile app. This is a 6-digit number as shown below.

This code can be used the next time you log in and DUO requests a Passcode.


DUO Mobile app sends a notification to your device when DUO Push is selected for authentication.

Tap on the notification to advance to the approval screen


Tap on the Approve button and it will complete the login process on your computer.


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