BYU-Hawaii Login Problems

New Students/Employees

You should receive an email from Account Management to create your BYU-Hawaii account and password. Before you will be able to login, you will need to secure your account and setup recovery options. Instructions may be found here.

New Students having trouble creating your account, please create a ticket here:

Ho'okele Help Request Form

Alumni and Retirees

  • Email is now protected by MFA (Multi-Factored Authentication). If you have not yet setup your security/recovery options, instructions may be found here.
  • If you are using the portal, you will not be able to login. Click on the appropriate area for resources available to you:Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Alternatively you may access your email from or directly at

Login Tip: Your NetID is your username you created while your Student/Emp ID is a 7-digit Student number, issued by BYUH.

Use this request if you have tried to reset your password and are still having trouble logging into BYU-Hawaii resources such as:


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Tue 4/26/16 3:43 PM
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