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Keep Your Email and Passwords Secure

To keep your email private and secure, here are a few simple steps that could help.

* Do not share your password! Do not share your password! Do not share your password!

* Use a strong password which contains Upper/lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and is 12 - 15 characters long

* Do not leave your email client open if you step away from your computer; Lock your computer

* Avoid using the same password on multiple accounts

* Completely log out of the Web-based email account when finished

* Avoid clicking on malicious links in your email

* Be careful when using your email address with a website or posting information online, use a 'throwaway' email account that you don't mind if you had to delete it.

* Perform regular operating system, browser, and virus detection updates

* Do not share sensitive information via email

* Use a secure connection when accessing the internet

* Remember, IT will NEVER ask for your username/password

If you feel that your email account has been compromised Reset Your Password and/or call the Call Center @ 6753921.  Always reset your password to a NEW password and not your old one.

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