Troubleshooting Apartment Network Issues

This document is for basic troubleshooting of network issues in an apartment with a Unifi Instant router that tenants can perform on their own. Follow the steps in order, if one of the sections reveals the problem there is no need to continue to other sections.

Verify DNS assignment

To determine your DNS settings are correct:

Using a computer that is connected to your wifi:

  • click on the start menu
  • type cmd
  • enter to select Command Prompt
  • a black window with a prompt should open up
  • in the window, type: ipconfig /all
  • the value next to IPv4 DNS Servers should read:
  • If if says anything else, you need to reset your router and complete the setup again.

Verify Power and Restart the Router

This section will help verify the router is powered up correctly.

  1. Unplug the power from the router and wait for ten seconds before plugging it back in.

  2. It may take several minutes for the router to start up all the way.
  3. After it has completely started, the screen on the router should be lit up with the time and date.

You may need to reconnect your devices to the WiFi.

Verify Amplifi Uplink

This section will verify basic connection to the building.

  1. Check the screen on the router, if it shows “plug in cable” there may be a problem with the network cable.

  2. If you see this message, check that the ethernet cable is connected between the blue port on the router and the wall outlet.
  3. If the message persists you may need to contact IT to check the building network.
  4. When the router is connected, you can verify it by tapping the screen until it shows the port status, it will show the middle icon is bolded if operating correctly.

Check Amplifi App Diagnostics

This section will verify basic network function between the router and the internet.

  1. Open the Amplifi App while connected to the router
  2. Select the diagnostics icon on the far right (globe with magnifying glass)
  3. Refresh the screen by selecting the yellow button on the bottom right
  4. All fields should show a green checkmark - If any show a red x, there may be a problem with the building network or internet provider. You may need to contact the IT department with this information.

Amplifi ISP Test

This section will verify performance between the router and the internet

  1. Select the performance icon in the Amplifi App (circle graph)
  2. Select the test (meter) icon in the bottom right
  3. Internet download/upload results should be at least 50Mbps – note that this is dependent on internet testing servers and may not always reflect the local network

If test results are very low, there may be a problem with the building network or internet provider. You may need to contact the IT department with this information.

Amplifi Devices Information

This section will view the status of the wireless network and individual devices.

  1. Select the devices icon in the Amplifi App (laptop and phone)
  2. Select the mobile device that is having issues from the list – if it is not in this list then your mobile device is not connected to your router, check your mobile device settings to connect to your SSID.
  3. Select Client Details
  4. The following are ideal conditions
    1. Signal strength greater than 50%, best if 75% or higher
    2. Band 5GHz – if the band is 2.4GHz your mobile device may be incapable of faster connections or you may have poor signal
    3. Rx Bitrate greater than 50Mbps
    4. MIMO 2 x 2 – if this is 1 x 1 your mobile device is incapable of faster speeds
  5. If your device does not meet these conditions, try restarting it.

Channel Bandwidth Settings

It is important to use 20MHz channels in any housing units due to the high density of neighboring devices. This will increase likelihood of having your own channel that you do not share with neighbors in the area. This improves performance for everyone, especially at peak usage times. Configure this setting in the Amplifi app as shown below.


  1. Select the device icon.
  2. Select Wireless in the menu.


  1. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced in the menu.

  2. Use the following settings
    1. 2.4 GHz Channel Auto
    2. 2.4 GHz Bandwidth 20MHz
    3. 5 GHz Channel Auto
    4. 5 GHz Bandwidth 20 MHz


  1. Select the check mark at the top and Proceed.

Optimizing performance

These are additional items to review to optimize performance and reduce problems.

  • Place the router on a table instead of the floor, wall, or ceiling.
  • Do not put other electronics or anything else on top of the router.
  • If possible, place the router closer to the center of your apartment.
  • Do not reconnect your old WiFi router.
  • Do not connect the white <···> port to a wall jack. Only connect the blue port to the wall jack.
  • If you need more wired ports use an ethernet switch.  Connect the switch to the white <···> port on the Amplifi router.
  • While in your apartment, connect to your router SSID instead of the campus network for better performance.

Additional Steps

If you continue to have issues, factory reset your router and set it up again using these instructions: (KB Amplifi Instant Setup)

Other things to try:

  • test a different known working cable between the wall jack and the router (use a neighbor's cable to test)
  • test a neighbor's working router plugged into your wall jack - if it works, that means your router is broken and you must exchange it with a working one from Housing.
  • if your neighbor's router does not work, plugged into your wall jack, the wall jack cabling is the problem. Let us know and we will send someone out to repair it.


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