File Storage Options for BYU - Hawaii


  • Used by departments
  • For active file sharing only
  • Only employees have access
  • View/update shared files according to permissions set
  • Limited amount of licenses
  • Box Community
  • Contact your CSR for help.


  • Used by individuals or departments
  • Everyone has an account
  • Departments have an account under the department email
  • View/update shared files according to permissions set
  • 1 TB of storage space
  • Part of the Office 365 services
  • Same login as email
  • Share files through invites or links
  • Training materials
  • Contact IT Help Desk or your CSR for assistance


  • Used by academic departments
  • Faculty/students have accounts automatically, others can be created
  • View/update shared files
  • Share syllabus, course materials and department files within a department course
  • Import files from repository into active Canvas courses from department course
  • Default Course Quota 3000 MB and can be increased as needed
  • Canvas Guides
  • Email for assistance


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Fri 11/11/16 1:20 PM
Thu 10/5/23 1:07 PM